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Master Eric Hargrove - 木制牌匾雕刻師

My interest into the Oriental Signboards stems from over 35 years of involvement in the Asian Fighting Arts.  Slowly through years of dedication I began to explore other various aspects of Oriental to balance my development as a Martial Artist: Culture, Philosophy, Religion and Art.

Having an interest in using my hands since a very young age, I began to experiment with the replication of various Cultural Items such as: Furniture, Puppets, Clothing, Weapons, etc.   Of all of them I found myself most interested in the Oriental Art of Calligraphy and the craft known as "Pai Bin/Clan Signs".

I started my journey into Oriental Signboards when one of my teachers was renovating his new school and placed a xeroxed cut and paste calligraphy onto a piece of plywood.   Honestly it was very ugly and I believed I could do better then that.  So one thing lead to another and I had produced my 1st signboard.

After a period of self development seeking out skilled artisans I found myself with numerous requests from classmates and fellow martial artists who had seen my work.


What makes us special?

Simply put our products are handmade "one of a kind".  When we say handmade we refer to the unique Human Touch.   This is achieved utilizing both handtools (Saws & Chisels) and power tools (routers & sanders) but mostly the knowledge, understanding and experience with the art of Oriental Calligraphy.

Unlike those that use CNC (computer numerical control) Routers that reproduce exact images time and time again, NO TWO SIGNBOARDS we produce are ever exactly the same.  Each is the master artist's unique redition of oriental calligraphy, images, etc.

You may ask how that is possible when we utilize Computer Calligraphy Fonts.  And our secret is that we practice Oriental Calligraphy.  We utilize Stock Fonts as guides to particular styles of calligraphy.  With our practical and functional knowledge we know where and what to carve 1st and then sequentially till the individual Calligraphy Character is finished.

Just like an individuals handwritting/signature NO TWO ARE THE SAME, EVER!!

So if you are looking for "Cookie Cutter Signboards" then we are not for you.  For something unique, special and personal  - give us a ring.