Hoi Gong & Altar Supplies

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Services & Products Reserved for Signboard Customers

Please inqurie on present Availability - Style and Price.

Basic Set - $20

Economy Set - $15

Upgrade (medium size) $30

Premium (Large) $40

香 - Incense

Joss Foil Paper

Dragon Phoenix Candles

Dragon Incense Sticks (3)

Altar Incense Center Piece

香炉 - Incense Urn/Burner (various models)

瓷陶香炉-Porcelain Incense Urn or Burner (various models)



凹镜 - concave Money Mirror

八卦凹凸镜-Bagua Protection and Money Mirror

八卦凹凸镜 - Feng Shui Geomancy Bagua Protection & Money Mirror

Door God Posters (Styles and Sizes will Vary)

Bagua Mirror Door Gods

茶杯,酒杯 - Tea Cup/Wine Cup for Altar Offering (Various Styles and Sizes)

电烛灯 - Electric Light Candles (Metal)

电烛灯 - Electric Light Candles (Plastic)

丹粉 - Cinnabar Powder

孔雀羽 - Peacock Feathers

Brush for Hoi Gong Ceremony

Shelf Hook

金地莲花果盘(红)Golden lotus flower fruit tray (red)

红金莲花波灯-Red Chinese globeflower spirit wave lamp

针烛台 - Needle Candle Stick

红檀佛珠 - Red Wood Buddhist Beads Bracelet

金电香炉 - Golden Electric Incense Burner

布钟鼓 - cloth clock drum

茶杯/酒杯 - Tea Cup or Wine Cup