Training Dummy

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What is a Training Dummy?



Training Dummies have been utilized since the origins of Martial Arts began.  Basically they are used in lieu of a partner, either not being available or not safe to use one.

 Shaolin Temple was famous for their 108 Wooden Men which was used to test an individuals prowess in all aspects of their training (hand to hand, Weapons, Iron Body, etc)

 Today the most popular and utilized by many different styles/systems is the Yip Man Wing Chun 'Muk Yan Jong' translated as "Wooden man Post".    Yip Man's most famous student Bruce Lee introduced the west to this kind of training early in the 60's.  Getting one was a journey as they were only made in Hong Kong by a few individuals.   

Since the explosion of the popularization of Wing Chun in the west we are now have multiple craftsman making these here in the states, but As is the same today, a solid hardwoom Dummy can cost up to $1000 dollars and that doesn't include the cost to ship it to you.   

We at Oriental Signboards Workshop have made it our mission to help novice exponents to obtain training equipment that is not only Cost Concious but soundly built.   To accomplish this we have focused on the usage of strong Sch 40 PVC Plastic Piping.   We offer the Wing Chun style as well as various other Styles (Choy Lee Fut, Hung Gar, etc)

The strength and cost fits a students needs perfectly.  Of course there are many upgrade options one can choose to enhance the look and feel of your training dummy. For this reason we offer a few style choices and strength grades  from Beginner Light, Intermediate Medium and Advanced Heavy 

 As always we like to work one on one with the customer and do our best to provide you with the best product for your needs.

Economy Beginner Model

Basic Beginner Model

Intermediate Medium Model - Reinforced Limbs

Advanced Heavy Model - Double Enforced Limbs

CLF Ching Jong/Balance Dummy

Free Standing Base 1

Sample Photo 9

Free Standing Base 2

Combo Dummy with Free Standing Base

Shaolin Porcupine