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  Upgrades include Character Fonts, Routered Edges and Borders as well as various Mouldings etc.

SC1 - hardwood

SC2 - High Gloss Black - Gold Leaf Frame & Calligraphy

SC3 - High Gloss Red & Gold Leaf Frame & Calligraphy

SC4 - Mahoganny Stain & Applied Edge Molding

SC5 - Hardwood with Dedications - High Gloss Finish

SC6 - Semi Gloss Finish - Scholar Calligraphy Style

SC7 - Tripple High Gloss Color

SC8 - 2 Tone Black & Red - Flat & Semi Gloss Framed

SC9 - Imperial Blue & Antique Gold

SC10 - 2 Tone Semi Gloss - Gold Leaf Calligraphy